Bringing the Future of Gene Therapy into Focus

We are opening opportunities for treating debilitating diseases with limited options.

Apertura: Expanding the Promise of Gene Therapy to a Broader Set of Diseases

Apertura is uniquely positioned to develop genetic medicines by simultaneously engineering AAV capsids, regulatory elements, and payloads.

Determined to Overcome the Current Limitations of AAV Gene Therapy

Issues in cellular access, gene expression, pre-existing immunity, and manufacturability have limited the impact of gene therapy. Today we understand more about these limitations and how to overcome them by taking advantage of recent advances in vector biology, protein engineering, machine learning, epigenetic profiling, next generation sequencing and DNA synthesis.

The Multidisciplinary Team Engineering the Next Gene Therapy Frontier

Our team includes leaders in vector engineering, gene regulation, machine learning, and the treatment of rare diseases. Each member shares Apertura’s dedication and commitment to advancing gene therapy discoveries so that we can drive the next breakthroughs across an entire spectrum of genetic disorders.

Partnering for Accelerated Impact

We are committed to growing the field of gene therapy and maximizing our impact through partnerships. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with corporate and academic partners, patients, and disease foundations. Together, let’s accelerate the development of transformative gene therapies for more patients.

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